150 Soal Pilihan Ganda (Multiple Choice) Bahasa Inggris

150 Soal Pilihan Ganda (Multiple Choice) Bahasa Inggris

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1. My sister feels drowsy ______ she has a long time fever.
a. Because
b. So
c. But
d. Until

2. She was tired _____ she took a rest in a long time.
a. Because
b. So
c. But
d. Until

3. We drive to north _____ we want to Europe.
a. Because
b. So
c. But
d. Until

4. My laptop is the ______ among others.
a. Good
b. Better
c. Bestest
d. Best

5. Isn’t he the ______?
a. Tall
b. Taller
c. Tallest
d. Most tall

6. This book is too ______.
a. Big
b. Biggest
c. Bigger
d. Biggers

7. Randy has ____ old.
a. Grown
b. Grow
c. Growed
d. Grows

8. She is falling in ____ with me.
a. Love
b. Loving
c. Lover
d. Loves

9. I am going to buy an _____ fish.
a. Extra large
b. Large
c. Medium
d. Largest

10. Cats ____ fast.
a. Run
b. Runs
c. Running
d. Ran

11. I ______ to your house.
a. Went
b. Goes
c. Gone
d. Going

12. She will _____ us.
a. Follow
b. Follows
c. Following
d. Followed

13. I have ______ a beautiful rose for her.
a. Bring
b. Bringing
c. Brought
d. Brings

14. I ______ go to Washington D.C next week.
a. Am going to
b. Will
c. Was going to
d. Plans to

15. Do you _____ me to go?
a. Wants
b. Want
c. Wanted
d. Wanting

16. She is the best _____.
a. Singing
b. Sings
c. Singer
d. Singers

17. _____ here will make you being arrested.
a. Hide
b. Hidden
c. Hides
d. Hiding

18. She is fast ____ she is old
a. Because
b. But
c. Although
d. Since

19. Move fast _____ we cannot reach them.

a. Or

b. But

c. Because

d. Until

20. I have lived here ____ you were child.

a. Since

b. Because

c. Until

d. So

21. I cannot speak English _____.

a. Good

b. Best

c. Well

d. Worse

22. My lecturer smokes ____ he never drink alcohol.

a. And

b. But

c. For

d. Since

23. My brother drink either mineral water __ cola every day.
a. Or
b. Nor
c. Yet
d. And
24. You have to keep quiet ___ the help come.
a. So
b. Till
c. But
d. For

25. She is permitted to drive a car _____ she is 16 years old.
a. Because
b. So
c. Until
d. Although

26. Do you need a car ___ a bike?
a. Or
b. And
c. For
d. Nor

27. The room is clean ___ the food is bad.
a. Or
b. And
c. For
d. Nor

28. I had a new car ___ a new job.
a. Or
b. And
c. For
d. Nor

29. I was playing a guitar ____  she was typing a letter.
a. For
b. Since
c. While
d. But

30. _____ I have learnt English for over 3 years, I am still shy to speak.
a. Even though
b. Since
c. While
d. But

31. I have read this book ___ 3 hours.
a. For over
b. In
c. Since
d. By

32. There are so many vegetables ____ orange contain vitamin C.
a. Include
b. Including
c. And
d. Includes

33. You have to stand ___ me.
a. But
b. Below
c. Above
d. By

34. She has been crazy ___ three years ago.
a. Since
b. For
c. Until
d. At

35. My father does not ___ time.
a. In
b. On
c. At
d. In the

36. I cannot ____ the floor.
a. Cleans
b. Cleaning
c. Clean
d. Cleaned

37. Farhan, Abdi, Dina, and Salsa will discuss 
      the problem ____ themselves.
a. Among
b. Between
c. To
d. With

38. I have understood this material ____ I studied here.
a. For
b. Until
c. From
d. Since

39. She has been _____ in Jamaica in the last three years.
a. Work
b. Working
c. Works
d. Worked

40. You always make me ____.
a. Pride
b. Prouder
c. Proud
d. Have been proud

41. We have to listen your story ____ trust.
a. By
b. On
c. To
d. For

42. I love you ___ heart.
a. For
b. By
c. To
d. On

43. Little ____ little, the truth is being revealed.

a. On

b. To

c. By

d. For

44. I learn English _____ detail.

a. In

b. On

c. To

d. For

45. All the products we made _____ hand.

a. In

b. On

c. By

d. For

46. I open the door _____ go outside.

a. And

b. In

c. So

d. For

47. Don’t give _____ until you can pass all the exams.
a. Away
b. On
c. Up
d. So

48. Do you know _____  my mother will come tomorrow?
a. If
b. So
c. Too
d. Up

49. I feel hungry _____ I am tired. 
a. So
b. To
c. If
d. Such

50. We must go _____ if they don’t come to my house today.
a. Such
b. Even
c. After
d. Since

51. Let’s _____ this bag out.
a. Bring
b. Bringing
c. Brought
d. To bring

52. What will I do _____ you? I will not win 
     the game if you cannot be my partner.
a. With
b. Within
c. Without
d. Win

53. Are they ____ to spend the night in Paris?
a. Plan
b. To plan
c. Planned
d. Planning

54. This ocean is _____ deep.

a. Very much

b. Very many

c. Really

d. Quiet

55. This book is _____ to reach by your hand.

a. Close enough

b. Very close

c. Enough close

d. Closer than

56. I am an ____ kid.

a. Active

b. Passive

c. Big

d. Tall

57. I speak ____ well.

a. Japan

b. Spain

c. Indonesia

d. English

58. I am ok ___ she is not.
a. But
b. For
c. Since
d. Until

59. You cannot neither eat salad ___ meat.
a. Or
b. Nor
c. As
d. Because

60. We will either come to your house ____ Atika’s house.
a. Or
b. Nor
c. As
d. Because

61. You have to stay here _____ I return here.
a. For
b. Because
c. Till
d. As

62. ___ my brother does not sick, 
     he will come with us ____ of the good weather.
a. As – to
b. To – for
c. What – so
d. If – because

63. You are a nice dancer. My sister is a nice dancer _____.
a. Too
b. As
c. For
d. But

64. Nina goes to school by ___ a bicycle.
a. Ride
b. Riding
c. Rode
d. To ride

65. Staying at this hotel is quite expensive ___ 
      the service is very good.
a. Besides
b. Yet
c. But
d. And

66. You will not go _____ she will not go _____.

a. For/too

b. So/either

c. And/so

d. Yet/as well

67. Mom, you will not be permitted to ____ the room 

      because the show will be starting.

a. Enter

b. Entered

c. Entetring

d. Enters

68. He enjoys ____ football.

a. Play

b. Playing

c. Played

d. To play

69. You are nothing without ___.

a. His

b. Me

c. I
d. Hers

70. I has been ____ here for an hour.
a. Wait
b. Waiting
c. Waited
d. To wait

71. She is always against _____ .
a. Violating
b. Violent
c. Violate
d. Violence

72. I think she really ____ the show.
a. Enjoys
b. Enjoy
c. Enjoying
d. Enjoyed

73. ____ my bag please.
a. Taking
b. Takes
c. Take
d. Took

74. She looks ____ sure.
a. Does not
b. Perfect
c. Quite
d. Super

75. He need only a ___ minutes.
a. Some
b. Many
c. Much
d. Few

76. I stay in a hotel. It is ___ far.
a. Many
b. Very much
c. Pretty
d. Very many

77. She cannot _____ even for a word.
a. Hear
b. Ear
c. Listen
d. Here

78. She has been ____ since 3 PM.
a. Sleeping
b. Slept
c. Sleep
d. Sleeps

79. She has _____.
a. Write
b. Writes
c. Wrote
d. Written

80. My father has been sick since _____.
a. Yesterday
b. Tomorrow
c. Many days
d. Much days

81. Andre has finished _____.
a. Working
b. Worked
c. Work
d. works

82. I have a friend, his name is Danny. This house belongs to _____.
a. His
b. Him
c. He
d. Mine

83. My friend Atika lives in _____ house.
a. That
b. Those
c. Them
d. There

84. What about _____? Will he join us? 
a. Her
b. You
c. Him
d. Them

85. I ______ fix this car tomorrow morning.
a. Wanna
b. Am gonna
c. Was gonna
d. Has to

86. You and I will get married and this house becomes _____.
a. Our
b. Us
c. Ours
d. We

87. My house is _____ than yours.
a. Clean
b. Cleanest
c. Cleaner
d. The cleaner

88. She is the _____.
a. Most diligent
b. Diligenest
c. More diligent
d. Absolutely diligent

89. I am ____ than him.
a. Tall
b. Taller
c. Taller than
d. Tallers

90. I think his life is _____ than ours.

a. More complexity

b. Complex

c. More complicated

d. Many complicated

91. I have a ring that becomes the _____ one here.

a. Expensive

b. More expensive

c. Most expensive

d. Expensive

92. The building is hidden ______ some trees.

a. on

b. at

c. to

d. by

93. Professor Patrick has translated many English books ____ from Indonesia.

a. for

b. with

c. after

d. to

94. My mother was so angry that he did not even look ____ me.

a. for
b. at
c. into
d. on

95. The public library has ___ books than our school library.
a. more
b. many
c. much
d. So much

96. Are there …. things to do before we leave?
a. many more
b. much more
c. more of many
d. few only of

97. He is …. than I am.
a. more happy
b. most happy
c. happier
d. happiest

98.  “if I taught the class, I …. give tests”, Ann said.
a. wouldn’t
b. will not
c. would to not
d. shall

99. I could fly home if I …. a bird.
a. was
b. were
c. has being
d. has been

100.  Water will freeze if the temperature …. below 00
a. went
b. is going
c. goes
d. going



1.  Tania: “Do you always eat breakfast?”
      Sonia: “Yes, I  generally……….my breakfast at 6.30”
      A. had         B. has
      C. have D. eats 

2.  You seem to be having problem there. _________ I help you?
     A. Would       B. will         C. Shall      D. will have

3.   I don't have enough money to buy dinner. __________ you lend me a couple of dollars?
     A. May   B. Could   C. Shall   D. ought

4.  Many people have one child only. What is the plural noun of the underlined word?
      A. childs           B. kids       C. Children     D. kid 
5. The students always do ... homework before the class begins.
      A. them           B. they      C. their            D.theirs

6.  Excuse me. Is this (I)________dictionary or (you)________?
     A. my, your     B. mine, your   C. my, yours        D. your, mine

7. Newborn babies can’t take care of.....
      A. herself     B.himself     C. Themselves        D.itself 

8._______  don't you like orange juice?
     A. What   B. Why   C.  When      D.How 

9. I will______ to New Delhi and Karachi tomorrow.
    A. going        B. be going      C. go.       D. be gone  

10._______ is the dog's bone?
    A.What      B. Where     C.When         D.How 

11. They___________math when Dina called last night.
    A. was studying   B. were studying      C. is studying      D. are studying

12.  Before Bambang goes to bed, he always________his teeth.
     A. brushing    B. brushed   C. is brushed   D. brushes 

13. I’m going to bed after I__________my homework
    A. finish   B. finished    C. finishing   D. is finished

14  Rianty didn’t come to class today, and she probably__________tomorrow either.
       A.  will come   B. won’t come     C. will be come   D. will coming

15._______stay up past midnight, but now I often go to bed very late because I have to study.
       A. don’t use to      B. didn’t use to    C. don’t use     B. didn’t use

16.  The water__________from higher place to lower place.
       A. flows   B. flowed    C. flowing   D. is flowing

17.___________do you like your coffee?
      A.What    B. Why     C.When       D.How 

18.  My brother ______________ a bear an hour ago. 
      A. seen  B. see  C. sees    D. saw

19 ________are we going for a camping again?
      A.What  B. Why     C.When      D. How 

20.  The teacher_______us a lot of questions in class every day.
       A. ask B. give
       C. asks D. raise

21. ________ is the weather like today?
      A. What      B.Why      C.When        D.How 

22. _______ about a walk through the forest?
 A.  What     B.Where   C. When    D. How 

23.  Many parts of the world______four seasons
      A. had B. has
      C. enjoys D. enjoy 

24.  Jono : “Did you______to class yesterday?”
       Yusuf : “No, I didn’t. I ______home because I_________good”
        A. went, stayed, felt             B. go, stay, feel
       C. go, stayed, did not feel   D. go, stayed, felt

25.   Budi ate dinner with …
      A. me B. I
      C. mine D. My

26. There are three colors in the U.S. flag. One of the colors is red.
        _______________colors are white and blue
       A. The other B. The others
       C. Another D. Some other

27. Salsabila has a greedy cat. It eats two ... everyday.
       A..  mouse        B.mouses     C. mice          D.mices

28. The words below are countable nouns, except......
       A. table     B. money   C .blackboard   D.room

29.  My uncle is happy to help someone make a table  sincerely. The underlined words belong to.....
       A.   adjective, noun, verb, and adverb
       B.   adjective, verb, noun, and adverb
       C.  adjective, adjective, noun, and adverb
       D.  adjective, noun, adjective, and adverb

30__________ do you play football?
       A. What     B.Why     C.When       D. How 

31.__________ is my red t-shirt, Mum?
      A. What      B.Where        C.When         D.How 

32. ______________Faisal visit his grandmother last night? 
      A.  Did   B. Are     C. Is             D. Does          

33. Alex did not  _____________in this office last weekend. 
       A. work    B. worked    C. working     D. works

34 _______________ Nadira and Fay at last month’s meeting? 
    A. was      B. were          C. Are       D. Is

35 ______________you see Jody’s new dog yesterday?
    A. Are     B. Did      C. Do        D. Does

36  What ___________you eat for lunch yesterday?
    A. did      B. do     C. were    D. was

37 ___________do Ana and Ani get to school every day?
       A.  What   B. Why  C. When    D .How 

38______________does your father go to work?
      A. What  B.How   C.When  D.How 

39.  That ice is dangerously thin now. You ________ go ice-skating today.
     A. mustn't    B.might not     C. would mind not to     D.  might

40.  It's way past my bedtime and I'm really tired. I ________ go to bed.
       A. should         B. ought       C.could    D. must have

41  She _________ have committed this crime. She wasn't even in the city that night.
       A. might        B.shouldn't            C.couldn't       D.should have

42 .John is over two hours late already, He ___________ missed the bus again.
       A. should have      B.must have       C.will have      D.Should

43    I'm really quite lost. __________ showing me how to get out of here?
        A. Would you mind       B.   Would you be
        C.Must you be                D.  Will have You

44  That bus is usually on time. It _________ to be here any time now.
       A. might       B. has        C. ought        D.must

45.  Right now Rusdi___________an English book.
    A. was reading     B. were reading          C. is reading    D are reading

46. Will you go to Jepara next week?
     A. No, I will   B. No, I will not   C.  Yes, He will      D. Yes, I will.

47.  Last year Mira and Maryati _______ to Timor Leste.
    A. go    B. went   C. gone   D. going

48. Wood __________on water
    A, floating  B. float   C. floats   D. is floated

49.  I read about your plane's near disaster. You ____________ terrified!
       A. might have been       B. must have been
       C. shall have been         D. Should have been

50.  It's the law. They ___________ have a blood test before they get married.
      A. might      B. could      C. have to      D. Must

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